Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions

I. Validity

1. The company YOURDOOR (hereafter referred to as "YOURDOOR") guarantees the customer (hereafter referred to as the "customer"), subject to the provisions set out below, that the YOURDOOR product supplied to the customer (hereafter referred to as the "product") is free from defects in material or workmanship.

2. The warranty period is

a) 5 years from date of purchase on the operator system, motor and motor control unit;
b) 10 years from date of purchase for all sectional doors
c) 7 years and 6 months from date of purchase for radio control systems, barriers, springs, wires, rollers, hinges and deflection pulley sets at a maximum of five door operations (i.e. open/close) per day.
d) 6 months from installation for spare parts, whereby the warranty period for the replaced part applies as a minimum.

II. Warranty conditions

1. Claims under this warranty are excluded where damage to or impairment of the product can be attributed to one or more of the following causes which fall within the scope of responsibility of the customer:

a) improper transport or storage;
b) improper installation or connection;
c) improper commissioning;
d) failure to carry out care or maintenance or improper care or maintenance;
e) use of the product which deviates from that specified by YOURDOOR (in instructions and user manuals) or other improper use;
f) failure to apply protective coating punctually or improper application of protective coating;
g) negligent or wilful damage or destruction;
h) external influences such as fire, water, extreme environmental conditions;
i) use of accessories not authorised by YOURDOOR;
j) repair by third parties not authorised by YOURDOOR, except in cases where repair became necessary due to a defect which YOURDOOR failed to remedy in accordance with the legal provisions or with the conditions of this warranty, despite the fact that YOURDOOR was under obligation to do so.

2. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover

a) wear parts and consumables (e.g. batteries, light bulbs, operating materials and other wear parts defined in the operating manual);
b) products from which the serial number has been removed or on which the serial number has been rendered illegible;
c) products purchased by the customer via a sales channel other than that specified by YOURDOOR;
d) primer and other surface protection;
e) retrofitted parts from third-party manufacturers and
f) damage to objects other than the products.

III. Scope of warranty

1. In the case of a claim under warranty, YOURDOOR will remedy the defect by effecting repairs or supplying new or refurbished parts, at its own discretion and at own cost. Should YOURDOOR replace a product or a product component, the customer will surrender the replaced product or product component to YOURDOOR on request.

2. Under the terms of this warranty, YOURDOOR will not bear the costs for installation or dismantling by third parties unless YOURDOOR is in default with the warranty service.

3. Services rendered under warranty will not result in an extension of the warranty period, nor do they initiate a new warranty period.

IV. Assertion of claims under warranty

1. Claims may only be filed under this warranty if the customer notifies YOURDOOR within two weeks after becoming aware of the defect to be remedied under the terms of the warranty.

2. Notification must be in writing or via e-mail. YOURDOOR is entitled to specify that notification is given on a special form, in which case YOURDOOR will make this form available to the customer. Notification must be addressed to

Following notification, YOURDOOR will perform error analysis within an appropriate time frame and issue instructions for settlement of the claim.

V. Period of limitation

Claims under this warranty for defects occurring in the products within the warranty period will lapse within 12 months from the point in time at which the respective claim arose and the customer learned of or should have learned of the circumstances on which the claim is based.

VI. Miscellaneous

1. Where supposed claims under warranty are made and it is ascertained during examination of the product by YOURDOOR or the responsible customer service that no defect existed or that the claim is not covered by warranty for one of the reasons listed above, YOURDOOR is entitled to demand compensation for expenses, equal to the number of hours spent and travelling expenses incurred during examination of the product for defects. This does not apply if the customer proves that under the circumstances, it was not possible for him to recognise that no right to claim under warranty existed.

2. All other contractual or legal rights of the customer vis-à-vis the respective seller of the product remain unaffected by this warranty. In particular, where the respective requirements are fulfilled, the customer has the right to supplementary performance, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price and compensation, irrespective of whether a claim under warranty arises and whether the customer has recourse to the warranty or not.

VII. Applicable law; place of jurisdiction

1. This warranty is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

2. Where the customer is a merchant, a legal entity as defined by public law or a public separate estate, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in the context of these warranty conditions is the registered office of YOURDOOR.

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